We Make Great Water!

Divine Health Water 4U INC, is a family-owned business by a Service Connected Disabled Veteran, Founder & CEO, Geoffery Jackson, who is a USA retired Sergeant Major.  He brings over 30 years of management experience, with 25 of those years spent in the military protecting our country.  He is accompanied by his wife and sons.  Their objective is to provide the healthiest, best-tasting, and hydrating, purified antioxidant mineral drinking water.  

Our Mission

The mission of Divine Health Water 4U Inc. is to provide the highest quality drinking water and service to our customers, to be the leading most favored company for healthier alternative drinking water, and friendly convenient store with available delivery service for your residence or business within the CSRA and soon the Nation.

Taste and Feel the Difference

If you’re one of those who generally drinks bottled mineral water in preference to tap water, then you really should consider switching to alkaline ionized drinking water. Research has shown that ionized alkaline water has a greater hydrating effect than normal tap water or bottled water – not to mention its positive anti-oxidant power. Alkaline water improves hydration, reduces stomach acidity, replaces vital minerals and promotes good health. It is typically purchased in conjunction with weight loss activities, rigorous athletic training and a wide variety of natural health programs. Divine Health Water 4U Inc. is bottled at the source with the final product being an Alkaline level of pH 9.5.